New House: Office


In our new house, we’re lucky enough to have a dedicated office, complete with built-in cabinetry and desks. As a freelance editor (and stay-at-home mom), I spend a lot of time in the office on a daily basis. Since moving into our new house two months ago, the office has been great, but it’s been super cluttered and less-than-ideal for getting lots of work done. However, given the many, many projects to deal with in the new house, addressing office clutter and functionality was low on the list.


Enter my creative muse. This beautiful Waverly Solar Flair fabric. Last week when I was searching for curtain fabric for the living room, this purple and black medallion print struck me. I kept going back to it. Although I knew it wouldn’t be a match for the living room, where I want to go more traditional, I needed this fabric somewhere in our new house.


One day, while glancing through the office window, I noticed the reddish-purple Japanese maples staring back at me. I could get the fabric for the office! About five minutes later, I ordered three-and-a-half yards of Solar Flair on

My enthusiasm continued once the fabric was delivered. I sewed curtains (using this great pattern from View Along the Way without the blackout lining part) the night it arrived. I’m so happy to sew curtains for our house, as I’ve decided to keep them at the length that will frame the windows, rather than opting for the trendier floor-length curtains because of our radiators.


And I found some other decor for remaining walls, such as this map, which looks pretty nice with our berry accents (the carpet is the same color as our CD shelves).


To complement my new curtains, I decided to paint the bookshelves behind my work station a grayish purple, opting for Valspar’s Turbid Amethyst. I accented the room with black, white, and gray. Oh, and we replaced the very outdated lantern light with this cute one from allen + roth.



Another room that feels more like us in this ongoing redecorate-the-house project!


5 thoughts on “New House: Office”

  1. I love what you’ve done with the room…especially love the fabric. I just stumbled across before you mentioned it! You’re doing a great job with redecorating the house.

    1. Thanks Laura! You know me well–and know that I LOVE purple. Had to get it somewhere in the new place! 😉

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