My Summer Surprise


We’re in the middle of our second week with no structured activities. And, surprise! We’re having a great time together. I realize there is a major difference in mothering my kids this summer at 2 and almost 4 than last when they were 1 and almost 3. Low-key activities are more fun than last summer (Nora’s practicing her cutting, coloring, and crafting skills frequently and Carson loves to play with small toys like Little People, throw balls, and read books). High-energy activities fill up time well but they are more intense than last summer when I had a mostly stroller-bound youngest child. While we frequent the park, the pool, and other large public venues, I sometimes feel like my eyes are going in two different directions.


How are we occupying a dead few weeks? We’re attending story times, parks, and pools every few days; venturing out to see friends and for some out-of-the-house treats; and puttering around home while working on projects, splashing at the water table, and watching some TV now and again. (We’re obsessed with Peppa Pig right now.) I’m really enjoying the time at home and think the kids and I need a little break from the hustle-bustle of school, church, and other social obligations that make up most of our year. Just until this week I was feeling very ragged around the edges from a really chaotic and event-filled spring. I guess this is why summer exists!

My kids seem very happy and content with our low-key routine. Although we’ll shake it up for a few weeks with a blowout of a summer vacation, it’s nice to know that in late July and all of August when things start seeming boring that it might just be what we need.


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