Ideas Galore!


My creative juices are really flowing right now. I am putting finishing touches on a second birthday party for Carson, and I am having an explosion of ideas on decorating the first floor of the house. Lately, I’ve been dissecting each room of the main level, trying to figure out how each space can have its own identity while being a cohesive whole (I know, I know, that sounds like decorator talk, and I really have no idea what I’m talking about, but I like to pretend!).


I took a bold step and ordered two different fabrics (Waverly Barano and Waverly Solar Flair) to sew drapes in our living room and office. Though these are at two ends of the classic/modern spectrum, I think these prints will work in their respective spaces and also blend with my idea for the overarching color scheme on our first floor. Time will tell if I made the right call! I just can’t wait for each room of the house to have some personality beyond white walls and neutral flooring.


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