New House: Powder Room

Let me just preface this post by stating that I know I’m not the best photographer. Especially of home spaces. I refuse to quit posting about our new house because I’m not a professional photographer though. Also, I refuse to think that this blog needs to showcase Pinterest-quality pictures. It’s just a space for me to share my life with friends and family. Disclaimer finished!


During Memorial Day weekend, we spruced up our powder room, our first fun, aesthetic-oriented project in the new house. The old powder room was pretty ugly–a too-tiny mirror and wood fixtures left it feeling cabin-esque:


After a few weeks of living here, I decided that this should be the first room to tackle. While I don’t mind using what we have in terms of the more permanent elements of each room (part of the fun of living in an 85-year-old home is enjoying the older features), I wanted to polish the room, especially since it’s one that guests will use when over for parties and play dates. So, we decided to keep the vanity and floor, and paint the walls, upgrade the mirror and bathroom fixtures, and add accessories to complete the first “finished” room in the house.


The update began with a new wall color. At first, I imagined putting something bold in this space, like coral or navy blue. However, I’m hesitant to make bold wall choices in the house right away, since it’s more likely that I’ll tire of the color sooner. We went with a Benjamin Moore classic, Edgecomb Gray. While it’s close to white (and disappointed me at first), I’ve grown to like its mellowness. Plus, it allowed me to choose bright accents like teal and pink when it came time to buy wall decor. (Note, this windowless room tints everything a bit yellowish in the photos.)


We added some fun new lights (the pictures really don’t capture the awesomeness of the light covers), a classic black mirror, and brushed nickel fixtures. Steve plans to update the faucet to a brushed nickel one later this summer. For decoration, I added some black shelves, bright wall art, and teal bathroom accents like the wastebasket, soap dispenser, and hand towel.

Overall, the upgrade helps the room fell a bit more special, and I won’t cringe when someone asks to use the bathroom. It’s also helped me plan other first-floor painting projects on the docket for later this year. I’m beginning to embrace the gray trend in decorating. It’s neutral and classic (and I’m sure will be so 2014 with time!).


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