Carson’s Pennant Wall


I’ve had fun decorating Carson’s “little boy” room. Unlike his sister, who has grown with her space in the last three and a half years, our little guy’s room needed some updates in the new house, as his old room featured more nursery-ish wall hangings that he’s now outgrown.


I’ve been scouring Pinterest for inspiration for some time. I love rooms that blend motifs and eras, which I’ve been able to incorporate in Nora’s room with princess decals; hand-sewn decor like curtains, a quilt and a pennant banner; ladybug bedding; and other details. For Carson, I fell in love with the idea of featuring old sports pennants. And sure enough, my parents had a big stash of old baseball pennants that my dad collected from Bazooka in the 1950s/1960s sitting in their house.

I hung the pennants with twine and clothespins as to not damage the delicate felt collectibles. While there wasn’t a Phillies pennant (and I hated to hang that Yankees one!), I am smitten with the look of this wall, and it’s extra special knowing that we’re displaying these fifty-year-old keepsakes from my dad’s childhood in his grandson’s room. It’s also fun to imagine how this room will evolve over the years. I can see Carson’s trophies (for what, we’ll find out) stacked on the Ikea Expedit bookshelf in ten years . . .


For now, this wall is something grown up for my “baby” Carson, who has been resisting the “big boy” label lately. He’s still happy in his crib (though he expects to be transported to our bed in the middle of the night), and he has no interest in Pull Ups or potty training yet (not that I’m expecting at two, but we’ve been floating those ideas his way). Carson does love his room to read and play with Little People, and I’m in no rush to lose my baby. But I am happy to give him a happy and inspiring space to grow.



3 thoughts on “Carson’s Pennant Wall”

  1. Excited to see the old pennants shared and displayed in such a great way – I am honored!!!

  2. "It’s not blind crystal-ball readers who move the world, it’s enuprereneurs..&qtot;All hail the mighty Hotchins and Murdoch, for they are our saviours! Imagine if they went on strike! The horror!

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