Selling and Buying a House with Two Kids in Tow: Sleeping Better


It finally happened . . . we sold our house! Last Thursday we closed (10 days ahead of schedule–yay for eager buyers!). Minutes after we left the Realtor’s office, we deposited our “earnings” check into the bank (I say that skeptically, as we sold it for less than we paid for it in 2006, especially if we count the Realtor commission and upgrades made to our house). Needless to say, Steve and I are both sleeping better these days. No more worrying about the other property, no more hanging on to the past, no more fretting about our bank account.

In five years, will this process seem like a distant memory that wasn’t so bad? Or, will we still harbor feelings of disappointment at the length of the process and the worry that came with it? We’re both optimists by nature, so I hope the glass-half-full feeling takes over before too much time passes.

The silver lining to the selling process is, of course, the house we bought and have moved into already. We love our Tudor and are slowly making some fun cosmetic changes that make the space feel like home (will post those later this week). However, in the meantime, we’re enjoying the added space in the new house without having made many changes at all. The picture above shows our guest room in the attic. And here’s a pic of the adjoining room where the kids play:


Selling our house provided the closure we needed to truly enjoy our new one, and I’m hoping some time away from this house this summer during our vacation will help me even more with perspective. We’ve been through a lot in six months, and I thank you all for hanging with me during the arduous process!



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