Summer’s Set!


After my panic about the beginning of summer last week, I can now say that we’re all set (at least for now!). My nervousness about having little planned for summer helped me take a step back and assess what would be best for the kids in the next few months. So, while I didn’t overschedule us (who wants that in the summer?!), I added a few activities to the docket, particularly for my busy three-year-old.

In addition to paid activities, the kids and I discussed our “summer bucket list” and created some sticker charts so they could earn fun projects to do at home. I scored lots of great craft stuff at Michaels this weekend (using a 25 percent off coupon . . . woot!).


My main areas of focus with the kids right now are making sure Carson has fun things to do (Nora seems to be signed up for all the paid activities . . . ) and that Nora learns how to have quiet time in the middle of the day so she can be rested properly for afternoon outings. I’m trying a “quiet box” for her this week to see if it helps her carve out an hour or more after lunch to play by herself. I think I’ll swap out the items with other ones (in the house already, nothing new) each week if this helps her find a quiet activity. Today it worked, so we’re heading in the right direction!

I am very hopeful that the kids and I will have a fun summer. With camping, a family wedding, the pool, the beach, gymnastics, play dates, and more on the docket, I think we will have one to remember.


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