New House: Details

With the attic carpet installed and our dryer (finally) vented properly, we’re now able to focus on more aesthetic and detail-oriented projects in the new house. While there is still much to do to make the house beautiful (for example, painting the powder room and just about every surface in the kitchen), we were able to decorate a few main living spaces last weekend.


I hadn’t noticed the kitchen’s sorry shape until we got over the big-project hump. However, late last week I started to realize that the kitchen was making me depressed. Steve and I identified the space’s first problem: We needed a better table for the space. While it was great to have a table that fit on move-in day, the round oak table we’ve been using wasn’t ideal in the small kitchen. And, since we paid about $100 for it at an antique store in 2006, it was somewhat easy to let it go.

For our new table, we opted for a cheap(ish) IKEA table that the kids can destroy in the coming years. It can expand for company, and the best feature is that we can slide it against a wall to take up less room in the narrow eat-in kitchen. Its good fit has vastly improved the kitchen space (even with ugly dark shutters and cabinets!).


We also added some wall decor, a new bookshelf, and a small kitchen island, to be used as a beverage station. Oh, and I bought curtains at Lowes, which helped bring life to the space. We really need color in the back half of the house, and I like how these curtains bring many colors into play for decorating, though I am currently enjoying using yellow as the kitchen’s main accent color. For the time being, I’ve decided the whole first floor should be decorated in primarily jewel tones (to suit the Tudor), so I these curtains work with the burgundy, purple, and navy accents in other rooms.

Though I didn’t snap any pictures, I added a hanging basket to the front of the house along with a welcoming decorative flag. We’re planning to paint our front door over Memorial Day weekend as well as add new street numbers, so I’ll snap a better picture once the makeover is complete. We also added lights to our screened patio in the backyard, but my pics didn’t turn out good enough to add them here.

I am sure these spaces will evolve with time, but at least things are starting to feel more finished.


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