New House: We Have Carpet


Sorry for the delay in this post. Were you waiting for it? Life got in the way between Wednesday and today–we’re still working on the house like crazy, I’m taking in more freelance work, and we’re prepping for busy summer months, among other things.

We could not be more happy about the attic carpet. It’s a beige/neutral that’s flecked with darker colors, which I hope will preserve it for years to come. I imagine this third-floor space will host many sleepovers, video game parties, and houseguests for many, many years.

The carpet instantly changed the space and further motivated us to furnish it. My parents arrive next weekend and they’ll be our first houseguests, so we’ve got to get the guest room finished soon! Of course, the narrow attic stairs have presented some challenges in fitting a bed up there, but, thanks to IKEA, we’re in business. We’ve been building furniture up there; weeding through boxes of linens, craft supplies, and toys; and even enjoying the space for a few minutes when we get the chance. Stay tuned for more “finished” pictures.


The kids love this bonus space and, with a house of hardwood floors, it’s nice to have a cushy place to play too. We sprung for the nicer rug pad, so it’s very comfy and cozy. Now we have to start figuring out the temperature control up there so we can really utilize the space all year long.


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