Selling and Buying a House with Two Kids in Tow: SOLD!

I owe this blog a lengthy update regarding the sale of our old house. As of yesterday, we are officially under contract (the inspection is complete and all terms agreed to). The best part of the deal is that the couple buying our house want to close in only a month’s time, and we’ll sell the house just days after our worst-case scenario of paying two mortgages occurs. So we’ll never really “feel” the two mortgages in our monthly budget.

I can’t express what a relief this recent development is. While we were so excited to move into our new house, without our old house being under contract we did so with trepidation. Now that we’re in the final waiting period of the sale (we still need the appraisal to come in and the mortgage company/underwriters to finalize the approval of our buyer’s (preapproved) mortgage), it’s starting to feel like the moving chapter of our life is coming to an end.

Once we cash that settlement check, the moving process will not look so bad in retrospect, I assume. All in all, we sold our house for a fair price (though we didn’t make any real money off of it since we bought it in 2006) and found a house we love and can live in for a long time in just a five-month window.

Thanks for following along on the blog during our house-selling journey. I’ll keep updates on our new house, of course, but will try to keep mentions of the old house to a minimum (it’s time to move on!). I’ll be sure to let you know when we do get that settlement check though!


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