New House: It’s Carpet Day!

Now that I am a Frozen expert, I keep imagining the title of this post to be said like Anna says “It’s coronation day!” in the movie. There’s a lot of excitement and anticipation for our new attic carpet.

Currently, our top floor looks something like this:


Yesterday, we moved twenty-five boxes and a lot of toys from the attic, where we set them temporarily after the move. While we’ve been hoping to get carpet ASAP, there was a tiny gap in time between moving and tackling this project. We tried playing in there prior to scheduling carpet replacement, but the whole room was way too musty and kind of gross because of this ancient carpet. So, this area of our house hasn’t really been open since we moved in a few weeks ago. With two little kids who need to wrestle and play on padded floor now and again, we’re highly anticipating this makeover!

I hope to show you a final picture of the space (we’re planning on it being a play room/guest room/craft space) by Sunday. Stay tuned!


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