When All Else Fails, Bake


I wouldn’t call today a disaster nor the days leading up to today. However, I’ve been juggling quite a lot of paid and unpaid work, working through a challenging phase with my daughter, and sending healing thoughts to my mom who’s recovering from a recent medical event. In addition, we’re still configuring our house to make it home, which adds up to a lot of moving parts in my life.

To remedy my stress, I’ve spent the day in the kitchen baking and cooking. First, I tackled kale chips, which I decided would be a good recipe to perfect. Recently, my friend added nutritional yeast to hers, and I thought they were absolutely amazing. So, after washing some kale, tearing off the leaves, tossing them in olive oil, throwing them in the oven at 400 degrees, and seasoning them with nutritional yeast and a little salt, I ate some awesome kale chips for lunch. Yum.

Then I turned to the Pioneer Woman for her beloved Macaroni and Cheese. I haven’t made it in a few months, likely because of the move, but it’s one of my family’s favorite recipes. As a bonus, I split the finished recipe in half (prior to baking it), so I have something in the freezer to pull out on an overscheduled day in the future.

Finally, the kids and I made some oatmeal/chocolate chip/raisin cookies. Creating this classic recipe, made from an old Sunset cookbook, instantly made the day better. Nora’s quite the helper and loves to lick the bowl, so it was a great way for us to bond after a few days of tension. (I can’t believe I am writing that when she’s only three!)

Here’s to yummy food for the remainder of the week and for kitchens being a mediative place for so many of us.



2 thoughts on “When All Else Fails, Bake”

  1. Healing thoughts to the original Shasha, and love to you. Glad you’re putting your new kitchen through the paces.

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