New House: Kid Spaces

It’s not a surprise that kid spaces are the number-one priority when moving with two kids in tow. Though we’re still waiting to convert the attic to our much-anticipated clubhouse/craft space/guest room, the rest of the house has been converted for the littles.

On move day, we unpacked the kids’ rooms first to help them feel at home. It was comforting to them to see their favorite toys and books added to the shelves. They especially enjoyed seeing their favorite wall art go up and their curtains hung a few days later.

Here’s a glimpse of the kids’ rooms (hoping to get better shots of them soon so you can see the entire space):



Both Nora and Carson got new rugs for their rooms (we have hardwood floors throughout the house and wanted the rooms to feel more cozy) as well as decals for the walls–they’re both sharing the Frozen decal pack as well as the Mickey Mouse one. The rest of the wall art was brought from the old house, though I have high hopes to make a cool wall of vintage baseball pennants in Carson’s room, and Nora’s room now features the pennant I made for her first birthday party.

We decided to forego a formal dining room for the next few years and turn it into a playroom. While I love to entertain and look forward to having a nice seating area at some point down the line, I am fully aware that our house serves as a preschool to our children for most days of the year. Also, we like casual entertaining so I don’t think people will think twice at eating at our kitchen table or a card table when we host a shindig.

Here’s the pic of the dining room playroom (notice our new comfy chair in the living room reading nook):



We purchased the dining room rug at Target (as well as the cute pouf!). The chair is from the Ikea Ektorp series, which matches our love seat and sofa. With two kids and two cats, the slipcover system is very handy. The playroom also contains a craft nook and the play kitchen, which aren’t included in this picture.

Completing these rooms helps the house feel like home. It’s so nice to give the kids the space they need to play and explore as well as give them places to put their toys away. 🙂



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