Family Notes


Before the wheels fall off the family train with our upcoming move, I wanted to toss out some updates (not related to moving!).

Carson + Frozen = True Love. Like Winnie the Pooh a few years ago that enraptured Nora, the biggest kids movie of the year has caught Carson. He wants to watch it all the time and will not move a muscle during the entire flick. It’s a good thing to turn on from 7 to 8:30 p.m. when we’re freaking out about the move and Nora is sound asleep in her bed. It doesn’t happen every night, but more often than I’d like to admit. I keep promising myself that in the new house, TV time will be greatly reduced. But, at the same time, I really don’t feel guilty about letting C indulge in his first child obsession.

Spring Soccer Starts Tomorrow! Nora is going to try her hand (or, should I say, foot) at soccer starting tomorrow. It’s just a 45-minute program once a week for seven weeks, but I am looking forward to seeing if she enjoys it. In any case, it’s a great way to get outside and occupy Carson at a playground. We have been doing swim lessons since October, which we phased out a few weeks before the last session ended. Our decision came because the teacher’s more aggressive approach didn’t jive well with Nora’s personality. I feel fine with bailing a few weeks before the session’s end. Nora did months and months of swimming and, with our pool membership for the summer, she’ll get plenty of swim time this year. It’s been a learning experience for me — when to let your child quit.

 Checking Books Off My Life List. I just finished Donna Tartt’s The Secret History after a friend recommended it. It was a fabulous volume of literary fiction, and I did not realize how integral it is to the modern canon until after I finished it. It is on this interesting list from BuzzFeed and has become a hugely important book for the teen set (though I missed it completely as a high schooler; I was busy with the Salinger staples and Perks of Being a Wallflower, I guess). I am satisfied with having read this and Housekeeping this year; it’s time for me to get serious about paging my way through phenomenal books again. (Now that I am no longer knee-deep in the What to Expect series . . . ha!)

Just a few tidbits from our life before all hell breaks loose!


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