New House: Digging In!

T-minus ten days until we move into our new house. Gone are the days of worry and agony. Here are the days of excitement and anticipation.

We’re moving in the day after settlement. After deliberation on whether to fix some items in the house before we move the whole family in, Steve and I decided that we were sick and tired of living in the showroom (our current and soon-to-be-old house) and it would be beneficial to our well-being to transition right away. Plus, we’ll be able to work on projects in the evening hours after the kids have gone to bed.

What I can’t anticipate is what projects we’ll decide to tackle first. We’ve been staring at the same sets of pictures for two months, and I look forward to seeing the house on the day of settlement, surveying our new home without the watchful eye of the Realtor.

Will the carpet in the attic come up first (with a fresh paint job)?


Will we decide the vanity and blue toilet in the bathroom need to be taken back to the 1960s? (Until we have the money to redo the whole room, we’ll probably have to learn to live with that tub.)


Will I really be able to live with this dull kitchen (would love to paint the cabinets white and tear down those shutters!)


Will this fireplace ever look homey and clean?


My gut feeling is that we can live with a blah kitchen and smoke stains on the fireplace, especially once we decorate with our cheery personal items. But who knows? Maybe the first floor will be needing more TLC than I expect, especially since we’ll spend so much time down there.

Other things on the immediate to-do list? Installing a new basement window for the dryer vent, replacing a ceiling fan in our bedroom, revamping the pantry. There’s a lot more, but we’re trying to not get too overwhelmed until we’re in the new place and have a chance to evaluate the most important (and urgent) projects.

In the near future, I’ll try to keep these posts focused on the new house and give you an update on the underwhelming situation with the old house after the big move. I want to make sure to enjoy this exciting time for our family!



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