SAHM Thoughts


It’s been several months since I’ve felt in my groove as a stay-at-home mom. Summer and fall flew by as I transitioned to my new role, but between winter and our moving endeavor, I’ve felt less than adequate in my full-time job at home with the kids.

However, on this first full day of spring, I feel like I am back. Maybe it’s the official change of season or the fact that our home showings have really slowed down and our day-to-day pace has become more normal again, but I feel inspired and re-engergized. Soon, I’ll be unpacking boxes in our new house, planning messy projects for the kids, cooking my favorite and new recipes, and settling into a new routine.


What else is on my agenda these days? Figuring out a good balance of activities for the kids, crunching numbers in our budget for the new house, working on lining up new paid-work gigs, and dreaming of my brother’s summer wedding!

Spring, I’m happy to see you!


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