Selling and Buying a House with Two Kids in Tow: Taking the Long View

As you may have guessed from last week’s negative post, I’ve been a little down about the moving process. However, after a week of agonizing over it and thinking every call will be from the Realtor about someone wanting to buy our house immediately and with no inspection, I’ve realized I need to take the long view on this process or I will go crazy and push away friends and family in the process. 

We’re doing okay here, with plenty of people coming through the house (a good thing, even if it doesn’t result in an immediate buyer), an awesome house that we’ll move into next month, and enough money in the bank to ride out the time it will take to find a buyer (at least for awhile). The reviews of our house have been pretty good overall, and it’s really true that it just takes one buyer. With spring market starting to bloom, I would bet that a lot of people are taking their time finding “their” house, thinking that there will be a lot to choose from. I can’t control the timeline of selling this house, and we won’t make a reduction in price or a decision to rent until later this spring.

Most important, I am happy we have a house to move into next month. For the most part, it’s immediately livable, and, while we’d love to gut the bathroom, recarpet the attic, and install some new windows, those projects can wait as long as we need them to. There’s fresh paint on most of the walls, a kitchen with new countertops and hardwood floors, and a great backyard for lots of outdoor play for the kiddos this spring and summer. I’m even toying with not painting the kids’ rooms immediately–taking the long view!

A good friend of mine sensed my tension after a playdate with our kids yesterday. She sent me the most thoughtful message after our get together, and it really reassured me and made me realize that my stress is overtaking my life. So, I’ve decided to chill out a bit, drink more wine at night, and read some good books until we close on our house in April. Oh, and I’m working on the kids’ spring and summer wardrobes thinking that our house will probably be our main focus in the months to come. Gotta make sure they have clothes that fit!

In just a month, we’ll be sleeping in new quarters and I’ll be able to focus on making the house a home. Projects, baking, messy play, and normal life will commence once again. In the meantime, I’ll try to enjoy the nearby amenities in our current neighborhood.


3 thoughts on “Selling and Buying a House with Two Kids in Tow: Taking the Long View”

  1. This is a challenging time. You can do it! The house will sell eventually and in the meantime you have a great place to move on to. xoxoxo

    1. Thanks so much for your support. I guess there is a reason most of us do this only one or two times in our lives! It’s a lot of work and worry! XO

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