Selling and Buying a House with Two Kids in Tow: Brighter Days Ahead?


Moving sucks. There, I said it! Despite having a great house to move to in just a month and feeling hopeful that our house will sell at some point, on some days it’s hard to find the rainbow amidst the clouds. And there’s a chance that there is no rainbow, which is why I go into a panic now and again. Do I really want to be a landlord? Alas, I may not have a choice!

After this weekend, we will have had more than twenty showings as well as two well-attended open houses. I’m panicking that there hasn’t been an offer made on the house yet, but it’s been only a few weeks. We did lower the price this week by a bit to entice buyers and possibly attract a different profile of buyer, as the feedback we received from initial showings made us question who was coming through the front door of the house to take a look. Plus, the weather is looking more promising these days, so maybe a week without the polar vortex will help us out!

This moving process has a lot of ups and downs. The kids and I are a bit edgy without more freedom to live in the house. I get excited about decorating the kids’ rooms when we move in–we even did a fun scouting trip at Target last weekend. Steve and I stay up later at night to fret over details of this moving process. I imagine the yard in the new house and how we’ll utilize it in spring weather. The list goes on . . .

So there’s not many updates right now, but I thought it was time for a post. Cross your fingers that someone likes our house enough to make an offer soon!


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