Mr. 2T

Playing Dolls with Big Sis!
Playing Dolls with Big Sis!

This weekend on a random shopping trip, we discovered that Carson’s feet were an entire size larger than his current shoes. Horrified, we bought some new ones for him and plan to go out to Stride Rite to get him a really well-fitting pair of extra-wide shoes very soon. He wouldn’t let us put back the cute size-7 Converse sneakers that we put on him at the store, so we figured we could get by with those for a few weeks or even a month and then they could be his back-up shoes.

Upon further scrutiny of our little boy, we realized that most of Carson’s T-shirts and pants were too small. Somehow, in the last month, the boy has grown out of his “baby” clothes. I swear he wore the 18-month size forever–his pudgy baby self stretched out over the fall and his waistline didn’t change. But now the boy is charging toward two and growing like a weed!

A few pairs of pants and some new shirts later, Carson has play clothes that fit. He also seems rather tickled by his new things. We’ve had the good fortune of receiving lots of hand-me-downs for him, but I realize now that he’s aware of everything and has probably noticed me picking up a cute dress or pair of shoes for his sister in the last few months. So I need to make sure to give him some attention now and then! (Still love the second-hand items, but every kid likes something special for himself now and again.)

I’m also busy working on a plan for Carson’s room in the new house, and I am excited to make a special place for him there. His current room is a nursery and was meant to be shared with his sister (that didn’t really work out), so I think it’s time to have a room designed just for him. We saw some awesome things at Target this weekend, and I am putting together a plan that we can incorporate as soon as we sign our closing papers in April. Given the appreciation for his new shoes, I think he’ll be quite pleased with the new room!

Though a child growing into a new size is not necessarily remarkable, the milestone prompts some emotion from any parent. Just as Nora’s now a 4T (when did my first baby get so big?!), Carson growing out of the baby sizes makes me pause. It’s an obvious measure of his growth and it’s hard for me to swallow that he’ll be two in July. I’m not ready to let that baby go . . .


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