I Am Happiest When I Am . . .


. . . finishing a craft.

. . . working on an editing project.

. . . assisting my kids with a craft or cooking endeavor.

. . . enjoying the outdoors with my kids.

. . . reading a good book.

. . . watching a great TV show with my hubby.

. . . socializing with my friends.

. . . talking on the phone with my mom.

. . . contemplating my next project idea.

. . . traveling to a favorite location or somewhere new.

Just ten things that make me happy. On another morning of snow and with so many things to fret over, it’s just nice to think about all that life has to offer.

What makes you happiest?


3 thoughts on “I Am Happiest When I Am . . .”

  1. Love it! I’m very happy to be meeting a business colleague for breakfast during our sun-break Palm Springs trip. Oddly perhaps, mixing business and pleasure is one if my favorite things!

  2. Sipping tea with my friends. Reading blogs that inspire me. Starting a new book. Listening to C’s stories and observations with no other distractions. Walking in the woods. Lazing together in the “big bed” with G&C on weekend mornings. Planning a vacation. Making restaurant reservations. Leaning my head on G’s shoulder. Finishing a knit or crochet project. Settling in to the camper at The Orchard for a weekend away. Baking a birthday cake.
    Thanks for the reminder of all that is good!

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