Selling and Buying a House with Two Kids in Tow: In the Thick of It

Today, the kids and I are holed up at home, spreading out toys, neglecting to make the bed, and letting dishes sit on the table. After five straight days of strangers touring our house, we have an “off” day with no scheduled showings. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, I can’t tell yet, but we’re knee-deep in this house-selling thing with no end in sight, so it’s good to have a day where there’s not a chance of our house being a showroom.

So far, we’ve had a tremendous response to our listing, but we still don’t know if anyone is significantly interested. Our Realtor called Saturday evening with feedback from the first handful of showings, which brought us back down to earth after the process of listing the house provided a rush of adrenaline. The good news is that everyone thought the price was fair, but it looks like no one in the group was VERY interested in our property. I know it’s unrealistic to think the house will sell fast, but I think everyone holds out hope that it will.

After this weekend (which included an open house), we’re relaxing and trying to take the long view on this process. We’re moving in April no matter what happens to this house–and I know the house will be desirable to someone out there!


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