Selling and Buying a House with Two Kids in Tow: The New House!

Our neighborhood and some outside features

At long last, here’s the post about our NEW house. Well, to be exact, it’s an old house, built in 1929. It’s a Tudor Revival near a park in one of our favorite neighborhoods. It’s a mile from our current house but in a somewhat less ritzy township so we could afford more there.

Living room features

It took years for me to be okay with moving out of our neighborhood because of my appreciation of the amazing school district we’re currently in, but this one is pretty good too. One thing about living on the East Coast in an suburban area is that the schools have amazing resources that aren’t available to those in remote states — hello Idaho! — or rural areas. So I am confident that our kids will have very good educations while also being able to live in comfort.

First floor features

So, back to the house. Steve and I loved it right away. It’s got a main living room, dining room, office, kitchen, and half bath on the first floor. On the second floor, there are three bedrooms and a bathroom. Finally, there’s a finished attic, an unfinished basement, and a beautiful screened-in patio with a slate floor. This area can be very buggy in the summer, so I hope we’ll utilize the patio often. What are our favorite parts of the house? The old-house charm, the finished attic, the awesome backyard (with detached garage), and the location. What are we settling with on this house? There are radiators and no central air, the bathroom and kitchen are small, and the old-house maintenance will be problematic at times, I am sure. However, the positives outweigh the negatives by a lot to us, so here we are!

Thinking there will be some upgrades to these rooms in the future!

I grew up in a Tudor Revival and laugh that I am moving back to one in my adult life, but I do have to say they are beautiful and functional. I’m already fantasizing about life in our new house. I’ll post more about the offer and subsequent negotiations later in the week once all paperwork has been finalized!


2 thoughts on “Selling and Buying a House with Two Kids in Tow: The New House!”

  1. YAY! I’m super thrilled for you guys! Looks like a terrrific house – can’t wait to follow along with how you put it all together for your family. 🙂

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