Selling and Buying a House with Two Kids in Tow: Getting Ready to Sell


There have been many times I have wanted to post about our moving experience in recent days. However, we’ve been busy with not only preparing our house for sale but also getting our new house inspected. I’ll focus this post on getting our house ready for sale and then reveal our new house and related experience in another post later this week. Stay tuned!

We are now officially camping in our own home! That is, of course, a bit of an exaggeration, but after movers came Friday to remove sixty-seven boxes and ten pieces of furniture, we’ve been left with just the essentials to use for the next few months. And once Steve gives the kitchen a deep clean later today, we’ll be eating sandwiches and yogurt for the foreseeable future. We’re also having carpet installed in our entire second floor today, as the cats have used the old stuff as a scratching post for seven-plus years.

Other than packing boxes and clearing the upstairs for carpet, we’ve been buying staging items and cleaning supplies, scrubbing walls and floors, and reorganizing our house with what’s left in it. Steve and I will continue cleaning all week to prepare for our Realtor to take pictures Friday, and we have one small outdoor project to finish that’s causing us to sweat bullets, as we need to tackle it without snow on the ground — and now there’s another storm headed our way Wednesday!

I have to give a lot of credit to our kids during this process. They have been there most of the time through this journey and have made the best of a boring situation. Nora put on her own rubber gloves yesterday to help scrub walls (just with soap and water) and Carson’s been cooperating by taking three-hour naps in the afternoon. Nora’s excited to be in our new house, and it’s been helpful for her to know we have a new house — and, as a bonus, her preschool teacher lives in our new town!

That’s it for now. I’ll post pics of the new house and our staged house this week as long as I get a second to breathe and type!


2 thoughts on “Selling and Buying a House with Two Kids in Tow: Getting Ready to Sell”

    1. Yes, it’s shameful that we had that many boxes, but there were at least twenty with books of some sort — not sure that makes it any better though. On to a house with a basement!!!

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