Getting through January


Our meteorologists are saying that it won’t get above freezing for the rest of January. That’s another week of subfreezing temperatures! I don’t know about anyone else in this situation, but cabin fever is present in our house. It’s not pretty–mainly, my cute little guy is cooped up and unable to tire himself out enough to sleep well, despite my best efforts to wear him out during the day. We miss fresh air and playgrounds, that’s for sure!

So here’s how we’re keeping occupied these days:

TV. We’ve been watching more of it than I’d like to admit. We’re into Sid the Science Kid, the new Sheriff Callie show on Disney, and good ol’ Sesame Street. And I’ve just binge watched House of Cards on Netflix in the evenings. So good.

Books. We finally got to the library this week, albeit amidst dirty looks from the children’s librarian who questioned taking my kids out in the early part of the snowstorm Tuesday. Thank goodness my kids are bookworms and enjoy reading lots of books. I enjoy reading them too. I also finished Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson earlier this month. Bleak but really good. Plus it’s set in Idaho, so it’s a taste of home for me.

Epic play. We’re trying to make the mundane fun, so that means forts, fake snow (cornstarch and shaving cream) and other sensory play, grocery shopping with pantry items, play in weird rooms of the house (like Duplos in the parents’ bedroom), obstacle courses, and tickle fights (a lot of those).

New things. We took the kids bowling last weekend and today Nora will try ice skating. We hoped Nora could go to Disney on Ice (a live-event experience for her), but alas, it was snowed out, just like many fun things we’ve planned this year. She also went to the science museum and has seen Frozen in the theater twice.

Favorite things. We’re lucky to live near a few awesome play cafes, a phenomenal children’s museum, and  Gymboree, which is just a few blocks away. These are great places to stretch out and have some fun for a few hours during the week.

How are you surviving this long, cold winter?


1 thought on “Getting through January”

  1. Okay, I’ll admit it. We take a walk every day, as long as the temperature after the wind chill is no lower than zero degrees F. I *know* you’re not supposed to take them out in it, but neither Calvin nor I can go a day without the fresh air. Even if it’s only 5-10 minutes. While we’re walking, we run, skip, jump, leap, gallop, and shout as much as we possibly can. It REALLY helps!
    I also beg the neighbor to lend me her children (ages 3 and 6) because they keep C entertained. 😉
    Your ideas are great. Just experienced that corn starch snow today – I love it!

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