Capturing the Thought


We’ve been cooped up at home for a few days thanks to an unexpected giant snowfall. While not ideal, it’s been a good time to recharge and make plans for escaping! I’m dreaming of summer, thinking of camps Nora might be able to do, daily trips to the pool, nature walks, and many, many playground dates. It’s fun to imagine how much we’ll be able to do with our youngest being a two-year-old in just six months.

In addition to my summer dreaming, we’re working on our big move. Yesterday, Steve and I were able to purge the clothes we’ve been hanging onto for years for no particular reason. Out go the jeans I wore ten years ago, the maternity capris I wore to work through two pregnancies, and those T-shirts that will never really look right on me again. Getting rid of things is so therapeutic; it’s a component of the moving process that I am actually looking forward to now, though I am not so optimistic in thinking that it will be fun.

Here’s to my capturing this glimmer of hope this cold, cold morning. May there be warmer and brighter days ahead.


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