My Boy at Eighteen Months

P1050680 2a_edited-1

Could he really be any cuter? Our baby is eighteen months, taking in all that life has to offer. Just recently, a switch in his brain flipped and he’s popping out words and songs like crazy. New favorite words and expressions? “Bubble,” “towel,” “Batman,” “all through the town” (the Wheels on the Bus, of course), and, a perennial favorite, “one more.” At three a.m. he serenades us with the tune of the ABCs and Wheels on the Bus. I am so happy he’s learning to sing, because this guy loves music. Whether it’s banging on the piano or just clapping his hands, all other activities stop when music is a possibility. He’s a dancer, too!

Also a reader, favorite books lately include Karen Katz’s Lift the Flap books, “Little Blue Truck Leads the Way,” and “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” Carson received Scout the Dog for Christmas and he reads to him nightly. Other favorite toys include the stuffed animals in his crib and, yes, his collection of balls. We just got out our Little Tykes basketball hoop again and he was thrilled beyond belief.

My boy is affectionate, doling out frequent hugs and kisses, but he also loves to joke around and say no from time to time when I request them. He’s also taken to thinking running away from me is the most hilarious thing, which reminds me that the toddler stage has its difficulties! Carson’s already had an emergency dental visit and more scrapes and bruises than I remember with Nora, so I have to brace myself for more to come.

Steve and I have been doing a happy dance lately because all of Carson’s teeth (with the exception of the two-year molars) have come in, which should give us the opportunity to sleep more. While his sleep is improving, there is still much to be desired.

This boy has been an immeasurable part of our family since July 2012, and it’s a joy to see him grow. Can’t believe he’ll be TWO in just six months. Sometimes I can’t even believe I have two kids!



4 thoughts on “My Boy at Eighteen Months”

  1. My 17 month old baby boy is very much like you describe your little guy to be. Full of life. And adorable. However mine is incredibly naughty! My post about his naughtiness stays at the top of my list and I get why. He melts my heart even when he is driving me crazy. Sound familiar? Also, I can completely relate to still having those “holy shit I have two kids” moments. I also have a 4yo.

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