Come and Gone

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And poof! Like that, Christmas is gone–the gifts and decorations nearly remnants of the special season we just anguished over (I’ve found Christmas has many different pressures now that I am a parent, so I feel like that’s the right term to use when I consider the gift research, purchasing, and wrapping; goody baking; and memory making that occurred in December).

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We had a glorious holiday, and I hope you did too. Nora loved the entire Christmas machine this year and was entranced by Santa and his merry elves, who visited our home each day in December with a project or craft (in future years, it’ll just be an advent calendar, but Nora loved the elves this year!)


The kids received some wonderful things to keep them busy in these colder months, and there’s nothing like an infusion of new items to realize how much they have grown up lately. Carson adores certain gifts, which makes me realize that his preferences are just as important as his sister’s, and Nora stepped into a bigger girl role this year, receiving many smaller-scale role-playing items (rather than adding to the staple doll and stuffed animal collections).


Now we are ready to welcome in the new year with bellies and budgets that need to be trimmed. I have to remember the joy I am finding in this post-holiday simplicity when I am bordering on seasonal depression later this winter!


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