In Progress: Holiday Trimmings


While I am well aware that I am in manic mode for the holidays much too early, I’ve started early in hopes of doing a few crafts ahead of the season of merriment.

Earlier this month, Nora and I hit up Michaels for some new decor. Inspired by a few Pinterest projects (yes, I am a mom after all), we bought some rustic-themed goodies to enhance our Christmas collection.

So I went a little crazy on the burlap and Nora picked out a cute sleigh that we filled with fabric-covered styrofoam balls. I also made a cute wreath but haven’t had the chance to get a good pic of it yet.

I guess I can attribute the early onset of holiday mania to the fact that Hanukkah is on Thanksgiving this year. Though we’re not Jewish, much of our extended family is, so we’re exchanging gifts the weekend of Thanksgiving. I am excited to see everyone and spread some early merriment, but it’s forcing me to get some projects and gifts assembled much earlier than normal!

An aside: Blogging. Not so into it lately. Maybe it’s because I read so many that are professional and gorgeous, but I don’t think many of my pictures are “up to snuff” for the Interwebz anymore (with the exception being those of my children, whose faces make them cute). Maybe I’ll be inspired again, but for now the posts may be only weekly or every other week.


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