Mid November


The weather turned this week, with an arctic snap that reminded me of why we have hats, scarves, and mittens. My skin has dried out, and I am reminded of why I have so many containers of shea butter in the closet. The leaves continue to fall of the trees, and I am reminded that with the the deepening of fall comes the dawn of winter. (The cat seems to be napping more too with the change of season.)

I am trying to stay calm and focused during this time of seasonal transition, fighting off the stress that bubbles up each day with looming holiday deadlines and dreams. I have so much hope for the upcoming season but I don’t want to build my expectations up so much that I am disappointed; I am also aware of the flu I could not shake for weeks at this time last year, which left me feeling depleted through the December rush.

This change of season also forces me to confront life inside at home with two little ones for the next several months. I purposely avoided quitting my job earlier in the year to avoid this shut-in weather with little kids. To be honest, I am a bit panicked about it. I know we’ll survive, but some days will be long, I am sure (and that’s in spite of the short days and long nights!).

Change is here. Before long, it will be Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and then 2014. My challenge is to enjoy the days left on the calendar until we celebrate the new year.


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