Mama Week in Review


Hello there! I can’t tell you how many times this week I’ve tried to sit down and write a post. The combination of regular life activities with holiday-specific ones (Already! I can’t believe it!) make it difficult to have time to blog. I am hoping to put extra effort and energy into the holidays this month so I can enjoy December without so much stress!


We are well into cooler temperatures and darker nights now that it’s November. I have made several adjustments to the house in recent months to prepare for more indoor play. Nora’s room has been rearranged yet again to accommodate more play space as well as storage. We moved the play kitchen into Carson’s room, which has given the toy some renewed interest. It’s all about keeping things fresh in the house — rearranging really seems to help. We are still, however, enjoying the crisper days at the playground and walks along our beautiful tree-lined blocks.


Just a few more thoughts:

Paid work. I feel like I have some pretty consistent editing gigs now and it’s keeping me busy. It’s amazing how one or two hours of work a day can really feel like a “real” job, even if I am not getting paid for all of my work. It’s great to exercise that part of my brain regularly!

Blogging. I miss being on here regularly, but I just don’t have a lot of computer or creative time anymore, especially for creating things. My dad provided me with this great link about consuming content (via The Atlantic) that really sums up my experiences about the Internet pre and post full-time desk job. I have been spending lots of time on Etsy though in approach of the holidays. I get so addicted to that site!

Holidays approaching. I need to get the kids making a few turkey crafts to liven the place up. Now that Halloween is over, things are looking a bit stark around here. I had to put the pumpkins and mums to the curb today. Now that I am home day in and day out, I really enjoy the seasonal decor. I am already plotting my December/January look!

Anyone else feeling holiday pressure already?


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