Halloween Redux


This year’s Halloween was a smashing success! Our family consisted of Super N, a tiger (then a shirtless vagrant), Waldo, and a witch. We also hosted our now-annual trick-or-treat party, where we invite neighborhood families–particularly those who live close but have no good trick-or-treating in their direct neighborhood–over to enjoy the good (and safe) trick-or-treating neighborhood where we live.


Nora selected her Super N costume in early September, when she proclaimed that she’d like to be an “N.” After bouncing around some ideas with a friend, I realized I could easily convert that costume into a “Super N.” I purchased many items for her costume on Etsy (gone are the days when I am even willing to entertain sewing satin and appliqué) and thanks to colored Duck Tape, we completed the rest at home. This version of her “N” costume is much better than my original idea, which consisted of using cardboard to make an “N” sandwich board. Nora was thrilled with her costume.

Carson did not like his costume much, so these pics are the only ones we have of him in it. The rest of the night, he paraded around the house shirtless (with the tiger pants though!).


Steve dressed as Waldo and I a witch (my all-time favorite costume). I even enjoyed some fun makeup, thanks to the Naked 2 compact I purchased last year. I can’t tell you the last time I used it! (The SAHM life.)


Our party was fun. Huge for our house, and seventy-degree temperatures didn’t help with a lot of people in the house but, overall, I feel pretty good about it. We served pizza, veggies, popcorn, oranges, and cupcakes. Good kid food.

I am pleased with how our blowout turned out, though it all went very fast and I was exhausted at the end of the night. And to think it’s time to start thinking of the holidays to come. I better plan a sugar detox before then!


4 thoughts on “Halloween Redux”

  1. It was so fun and festive! We had a great evening and were exhausted as well, even though we didn’t host anything.

  2. You all look great, and I love your party tradition. You have created something so special & memorable for your family and friends.

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