Mama Week in Review


The kids are relaxing on the couch, catching a movie this cloudy afternoon. We just watched Nora’s Halloween performance at preschool and are taking a deep breath before our Halloween celebration continues tomorrow.

In this quiet time, I’m thinking of all the fun things we’ve done this October, including a trip to Hershey, a trip to our local pumpkin farm, the school fall fair, visits from family, and a birthday too. No wonder my head is spinning!

Here are some more thoughts:

Carving out time for crafts. While we’ve been social and I’ve been really engaged in paid and volunteer work this month, my crafting has really taken a dive. Hoping to carve out time for crafts and reading in November. Maybe I’ll even finally finish Carson’s one-year photo book.

What happened to my cooking mojo? I hit up Trader Joe’s today in hopes that a week break where I utilize the many offerings in the TJ frozen section will help me channel my cooking mojo again next week!

Balance. Even though I am home full time, I still can’t get everything done that I want to! My extroverted side plans outings every day, likely because I know it’s what makes me happy. However, I need to find a better balance of staying home versus going out. Steve and I haven’t had enough time together lately, and, as I already mentioned, I need time to craft!

What’s something you are looking to do in November?


2 thoughts on “Mama Week in Review”

  1. It sounds like we have similar goals – I didn’t cook much in September, but seem to be doing better recently. And I am really hoping to do a few crafts (mostly for holiday gifts) in November – I don’t want to do *any* in December! Fingers crossed!

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