Mama Week in Review


I intended to skip a week review as life has taken a turn for the busy with work, volunteer, school, and other deadlines. Plus, with the holidays coming up, there’s always something to do! Carson and I scored some huge pumpkins at the grocery store today, so check that off the list!

However, though my intentions to cut some slack here were in my best interest, I have been thinking a lot recently about what it means to be home with my kids and wanted to write it all down. As you may know from this blog or from personal conversations with me, I struggled with the decision to leave the full-time workforce after welcoming children. For several years, I viewed not working and commuting to a daily job as something that would leave me without purpose, professionally speaking. A chronic overachiever, I have never been able to live without feelings of guilt and obligation. My full-time job brought out these weaknesses, and I became stuck running in a hamster wheel for years while life passed me by.


Now that I am home full time, I still have moments where I question my decision to leave my job, but I am amazed at how full and lively my life has become since walking away from office life. My daughter adores her morning preschool program and looks forward to our trips to library storytime and our daily projects; my son gets to nap in his crib everyday and be sick at home — just last week I nursed him through a cold without having the sinking feeling of dropping him off for a full day of daycare while he was under the weather; and I have started to figure out what makes a full life to me — it includes some paid work, some volunteer work, ample time with my family, outings with friends, and solitary moments as well. As I have modified my lifestyle in the last several months, I have committed to living in the moment, something I was unable to do for a long time.

I am reveling in the holiday season this year, already getting pretty pumped up for Christmas while also planning a Halloween gathering, plotting my costume, thinking of Thanksgiving recipes, researching gifts and sweets to make, and scheduling fun holiday activities. While some of these plans make me worried that I am getting back into my old habits of projecting too much while not taking in the present, I think those feelings just come with the holidays.

The point of this post is to shout from the mountaintop that I am so happy that I have time to craft witch hats with my daughter, bake fresh pumpkin bread, and enjoy a good outdoor hike with my family without the stress I experienced for so many years while I tried to be everything to everyone. Thank goodness for the thirties; it’s sure a time to get priorities in line. I don’t think I could have made the decision to walk away from the corporate life before I turned thirty last year — evidenced by the fact that I didn’t until I had reached that scary milestone!

(A related aside: I read Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project this summer, which affirmed to me that my decision-making process to get to where I am was sound and my best chance at achieving happiness and living a good life. I highly recommend that book to anyone hoping for more everyday happiness, a virtue not to be overlooked.)

A few more things:

A birthday. Thirty-one. Not that bad or that exciting either. Just another notch in my new decade. The hubby made me a great dinner and he and Nora collaborated on a delicious cake, which were the favorite parts of my day. I received some lovely gifts and cards from my favorite people, so it was a good birthday!

Trip to Hershey. We traveled to Hershey, PA, to celebrate Nora’s recent sleeping milestones, earned through a sticker chart. We ODd on chocolate and even stopped at Victory to enjoy some beers and yummy food on the way home. I’m excited because Nora’s next sticker chart is to earn a trip to paint pottery with her mama. Something fun for me too!

When did you make a major life decision that you had been long considering? Did it turn out as you planned?


4 thoughts on “Mama Week in Review”

  1. Wow. This post was one that I stumbled upon and so grateful I did. It was a real reflection of my own thoughts and life really. I just started my blog earlier this month and I think each post I’ve made so far has addressed these same issues. Thanks for sharing…good to know I’m not alone (=

    1. The best part of blogging is connecting with people who share your life. Glad to know this makes you feel better! 🙂

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