Decorating with Books: Halloween Edition

In this day and age, we’re all cutting out the number of printed books we purchase and possess in our homes. With the advent of ebooks, we’re mindful of what we purchase and where we’ll store them. The books in our collection are still many, but we have pared down over the years (though, thankfully, our children’s library grows!).


Now, I have decided to display our prized books by decorating with them. Last spring, I shared my living room rehab and the stacks of books I used to adorn the mantle. Now, I am using our collection of spooky books to augment our usual Halloween display.


It’s fun to make these volumes part of our Halloween celebration, and I am quite impressed with the number of scary books we have given that it’s not my preferred genre.

I’ll have to add our Harry Potter collection to the ranks next year–a simple oversight this year!


4 thoughts on “Decorating with Books: Halloween Edition”

  1. I love this idea! My mom always does this and I always thought it was such a cute way to decorate and get everyone who drops by for a visit into the spirit of the holiday!

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