Mama Week in Review


Another week full of playdates, school obligations, and fall fun. Nora enjoyed her school’s fall fair and decorated a pumpkin as well as transformed into a princess for just four tickets!

The kids and I decorated for Halloween late last week on a rainy day and made it an entire afternoon by making sweet treats to mark the occasion. Here’s my contribution to our school’s fall bake sale (recipe found via Pinterest):


Carson enjoyed running some errands with me on Friday and got to enjoy a cookie from Starbucks while putting smiles on tens of people’s faces.:


Here are some more thoughts:

Holidays are here! It’s hard to believe, but we are in the countdown for the end-of-year holidays. I still have to finish Nora’s Halloween costume and plan some fun things for our Halloween get together with friends. Plus, we’ve got to find Steve something fun to wear too! We also just planned our Thanksgiving/Hanukkah festivities and invited my parents to visit for Christmas, which they accepted. So much to look forward to at the end of the year!

WAHM Stuff. In case you aren’t familiar with the acronym, it’s Work-at-Home Mom. I’m attempting to get into this game and have taken on several projects recently. It’s great to have my brain turned to something else for some hours each week, and my husband is very respectful of my desire to work a bit from home, but I am so intimidated by balancing my home and work obligations. I know it’s a blessing to have the schedule I do with the kids, and I am trying to make my at-home status sustainable. This is an ongoing project for sure!

Other things. Made these garlic knots and this soup on Sunday, Carson’s been battling a yucky cold that’s made him miserable, my daughter is rocking her new sleep arrangements.

Are you excited for Halloween?


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