Carson at Fifteen Months


Look out, our resident little guy is 1.25 years old!

Cute as a button and sweet as pie, this fast and furious toddler is learning and growing as quickly as ever. A lover of books, Carson is especially excited to have Halloween editions out to add to the rotation. His fave books right now are Peeking into the Barn, Moo Baa La La La, Touch and Feel Halloween, and his miniature Winnie the Pooh books.


Carse also loves to attend library storytime, his Gymboree class, playdates, and the local museums and zoo. He spends lots of time at home with his Fisher Price Little People, play kitchen, puzzles, golf set, and Mama’s piano.

He says many words and his pronunciation is getting much more clear. New ones for this month include snack and uh-oh.

He points and claps and dances in circles with his head pressed against his shoulder. He tackles his big sister and dives off the couch into our bean bag chairs with no fear. He loves cookies and other treats and still eats most meals at dinner. His personality, however, has started to make itself known, and he’s very particular about when he will and won’t sit in the highchair.

And, my favorite, he hugs on demand and leans in for kisses when requested!

Love ya buddy! Happy fifteen months!


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