Mama Week in Review


A few days late with this update, but we’re in the process of trying some fairly scary/sleep-depriving adjustments to our nighttime routine, and it’s thrown us for a bit of a loop. The good news is that our radical changes seem to be working now four days in, and I hope to report even more progress soon!


Our sleep adjustments come on the heels of putting all of Nora’s fabulous new three-year-old toys away after receiving them on her birthday. I had a realization that it was time to reimagine our space, especially in light of chillier temperatures ahead. We now have adequate space in each kid’s room, which is super. We also painted Nora’s closet to make it a clubhouse for her (she has the tiniest room). It’s now a pink called “Hopeful,” and if you’ve ever heard me talk about our sleep situation, you’ll know why I hope that name is a good sign! I’ll try to snap a good pic of the new space this week.

Other things:

Hooked on baking yeasty breads. I made these pretzel bites found on Pinterest this weekend and continue to try other recipes. With my KitchenAid mixer and some advance prep, I’m enjoying the challenge of working with yeast.

Survived some yucky, too-warm-for-October weather. We’re back to normal now, thankfully, but several days of eighty-degree-plus weather put me in a slump.

Channeling my knitting mojo. Working on a new pattern and enjoying plugging away at it while watching football. It may be a gift, so I can’t talk further about it!

Other things. Engaging in some more paid work, taking opportunities for “downtime” with the kids after a busy September, organizing closets and drawers, reading a new book, helping Nora try out some new Fisher Price roller skates, wishing I could carve out more time for photo editing and blogging.

Are you transitioning any aspect of your life currently? Care to share?


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