Mama Week in Review


If I could pick an adjective to describe myself at this moment, it would be that tried-and-true parental state: tired. Between a majorly teething (or just annoying) toddler who won’t sleep and a birthday-anticipating-and-anxious preschooler, Steve and I are ready for some serious recharge time.

Nora’s birthday was a three-ring circus, with family celebrations, a huge kid party–shared with a fellow late-September-birthday-three-year-old, and cookies at school. I shared our Minnie-Mouse themed family celebration a few days ago, but the kids’ joint party featured Monsters, Inc. party bags and party favors, a cute store-bought Monsters University cake, and even Sully and Mike balloons. Here’s a pic of the bags:


The rest of life got put on hold while we lauded our little girl, so the next few days require me to pick up the pieces and get back on the wagon in terms of diet, work, scheduling, reading, etc.

Here are a few more notes from the week:


The little things. So, life as a SAHM is pretty mundane, and we’re working hard to save money where we can, so little pleasures make a big difference in my life. It might sound small, but I realized that life is that much better when I have my brand-name Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime and Peppermint teas (those Trader Joes knock-offs don’t do it for me). Ah yeah! This will help with the birthday detox too . . .

Nora’s “sleeper” gift. Nora loves to do projects but doesn’t care for coloring with markers or crayons. However, as much as I love to construct projects with Nora at the kitchen table, I am often needing her to occupy herself at times while I make dinner or am just waking up for the day. I knew Nora used these dot stampers at school, so I bought them for her birthday. OMG. This girl LOVES these and really takes initiative to get them out several times a day and create pictures. While it isn’t an exciting doll or new stroller, this gift will really make a difference in our creative time. Plus, I feel like I get extra mama points for ordering these since they are such a big hit!

Babies, galore! I can’t believe that we know of four new babies in the last month. I’ve enjoyed making them special customized cards and meals when possible. It’s so fun to see an itty-bitty baby and think of how they’ll grow.

Banned books, anyone? One of my favorite bloggers of all things kids and learning wrote up a lovely piece about banned books. It’s worth a read.

Other things. We’re living it up outdoors while it’s absolutely gorgeous (warm temps, no humidity); Carson loves his new Gymboree class; I’m hooked on a certain library story time because I adore the librarian, an older woman with a great dry sense of humor who has a tight grip on the kids; I’m back to watching my favorite network shows and am trying to sample some of the new ones as well. Trophy Wife wasn’t so bad, and I added the The Mindy Project to the DVR and laughed a lot while viewing. Plus, my faves (Project Runway, The Middle, Modern Family, and The Good Wife) are all new this week. Yay!

Any new shows that you are watching?


4 thoughts on “Mama Week in Review”

  1. Truly a 3-ring circus – family party, kid party, and school party. Whew! I know you rocked it. And just think – you’re off the hook allllll the way until Carson’s next birthday. 😉

    Mom of the Year over here forgot about sending treats to school for my birthday kiddo last week… so he’s taking them tomorrow. Gulp.

    xoxo You’re doing a great job. What special memories your children will have.

  2. p.s. I am watching Sleepy Hollow (it’s terrrrrrible. I kind of love it) and How I Met Your Mother (which is in its final season).

  3. Hey there, I’m a big admirer of your website. I really enjoyed your blog! I am a really keen angler & hunter so this posts are really appealing to me. Fish & hunt on! Thx.

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