Mama Week in Review


Nora’s first full week of preschool finally happened, which was a big change in our schedule. I am adjusting to having two-and-a-half hours three mornings a week with just Carson. We’re also adjusting to three drop-offs and three pick-ups a week. I hope to find a balance of productivity and R&R with those three preschool days.

My life is feeling very full with kids, volunteer duties, and some paid work. I’d like to get a little more paid work, but that will build, I hope, in the next few months. I’m a little stressed about all of the logistics for my daughter’s impending birthday (later this week), but I know all will unfold well. Thankfully, the party is split with another family and hosted at an offsite location.

Other updates:

Inspired in the kitchen. My motivation in the kitchen continues, and I am trying lots of new recipes as well as using my KitchenAid to make yeasty breads. A Martha Stewart pizza dough turned out fabulously for calzones last night, and I made a King Arthur flour whole wheat loaf last week. Yum!

Nora’s new schedule. Nora turns three at the end of this week, and she really has the schedule of a preschooler now. She’s getting used to her new school and has even begun attending Sunday School classes. It’s amazing to watch this transition, and she seems so big to be able to do these things but then also so little compared to four- and five-year-olds at her school. If it works out, I’d love to get her in a gymnastics, swim, or dance class soon.

My raccoon.  My friend compared a fourteen-month-old to a raccoon, and I couldn’t agree more. Carson’s such a climber and gets into everything — even the trash. His new obsession when I make dinner is to knock over the cat bowl, which Nora helps to clean up. She’s such a good sport! But Carson is also growing too; he loves to read, started Gymboree, plays contentedly with his Little People barn, and understands just about any command. Plus, he and his sister love to play together.

Other things. Need to get on some crafting projects (after N’s birthday), hoping to get into a new groove with playdates and friends (for my own well-being as well as the kids’), enjoying Steve’s weird work schedule and the different kind of time it gives us (like his Mondays off!), trying to eat well despite the fall treats that I keep tempting myself with — I can’t resist all of the pumpkin-themed candies, cakes, breads, etc. at the stores!

Do you have a favorite fall treat?


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