Mama Week in Review


My weekly review comes on Sunday rather than Friday. Our weeks and weekends are a little disjointed these days now that my hubby works on Sundays but not Saturdays and Mondays. So I’ll try to get the review in during the traditional weekend but will cut myself some slack if I am a little late.

Welcome fall! Though we have yet to celebrate the official equinox, we are starting to don long sleeves and pants (though there was a hot burst midweek that left me drowning in sweat). Yesterday, Steve and I took the kids apple picking, which was more successful and fun that I could have imagined. Nora loved picking apples right from the tree, and she and I collaborated on apple crisp when we brought our bounty home, which was so fun. She really enjoys cooking, though she’s still not much of a baked-goods eater.

So here’s this week’s review:

Structure. We’re off and running in the new school year. Nora’s first (and only) day of preschool was a rousing success. The orientation day made her feel comfortable and helped affirm my decision to send her to the lovely little preschool. Lots of play time, project time, and other activities. She starts her regular school routine this week. We also started our church program, and Nora is an official Sunday School participant now, which will be a fun outlet for her as well.

Football, baby! The hubs is off and running at his job as well, and we can be seen sitting on the couch several evenings a week now watching games. Our Eagles are off to an interesting start and my hometown football team is 1-1 as well. Here’s to exciting seasons ahead!

Got creative. Nora and I stocked up on kids’ craft supplies and started a few fall projects, which I’ll post about this week. With a little help from my friends, I came up with a fun concept for Nora’s Halloween costume request. I can’t believe I am already thinking about October 31, but the costume is a project with a few custom pieces needed. Stay tuned! Plus, I am 95 percent finished with Carson’s baby book and trying to finish a craft for Nora’s upcoming birthday.

Trying to ramp up work. I’ve realized that I’d love to have a little side work going on while I am a SAHM. I am trying to balance motherhood with volunteering and some freelance work to fill out my life. Hopefully, I’ll get a few things going that will build on one another and have a decent side business at some point. I have a few balls in the air right now — a continuous online gig as well as a few larger projects — and it feels so good to exercise some different brain power.

What are you juggling during this back-to-school season?


2 thoughts on “Mama Week in Review”

  1. Sounds like a good week! you are always so good at having a basic plan/structure in place, and then re-arranging to make things optimal.
    I am loving the feeling of “back to school” that our family gets to experience this year, for the first time since *I* was a college student myself! It is tricky figuring out how to get ourselves and the doggies exercised (we are all much better-behaved after a walk/jog/bike ride), everybody fed & dressed, lunches packed (nut-free!!! such a challenge for me), and out the door while maintaining a cheerful calm. Too much to ask? 😉

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