Carson at Fourteen Months

IMG_2492Carson rounded another calendar month this week and finds himself at fourteen months now. Wow, what a month it’s been. The kid is getting really good on his feet and climbs everything. Seriously, all small chairs have been removed from our play area, and when he gets around something he can climb he does so before I can even blink. At the children’s library yesterday, he was on a chair in seconds. Phew, he’s a mover and a striver. Thankfully, he’ll be enrolled at Gymboree soon, so he’ll have a good outlet to climb and learn how to get down from a high place.

Other notes:

  • Sleeping: So much better! The guy usually wakes once or twice a night, but goes down immediately after soothing/bottle. He loves his crib and has no interest hanging with us in a bed any longer. Plus, since we’re never sleeping in his room now, we’ve made the bed in his room into more of a daybed with lots of pillows, so it’s cozy for reading. He’s now down to a cat nap and a long nap everyday. Goodness, I love those long naps. They are good for the kid and good for the parent.
  • Playing: The kid loves to use a toy golf set to putt a ball around a room. Seriously, this is all he does when he’s downstairs. Maybe a future pro?
  • Talking: Carson imitates everything we say, and though much of it’s indiscernible, he’s trying to figure out how to communicate as effectively as possible. Earlier this week, he repeated “ice cream,” which brought a smile to my face. He also signs “all done” and “more,” when asked.
  • Crashing: I need a special section for Carson’s accidents. While he’s getting so good at walking, he’s a little over confident when it comes to stairs, uneven pavement, etc. and takes several spills a day. I watch him like a hawk, but he escapes me at times and then there’s a little crying involved. So far, he’s just had one face scrape, but I think he’ll have some bumps and bruises in the next few months as he figures out how to do things. Again, thank goodness Gymboree is on the docket!

This boy is really one of the kids now, playing actively at playdates and enjoying his abilities. Nora will be in preschool soon and we’ll be on our own a few mornings a week, which should be fun, considering the easygoing and serene nature of this kid.



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