Mama Week in Review


Today we woke up to 50-degree temperatures. Nora requested her slippers and, paired with her glow-in-the-dark skeleton pajamas, she looked ready for fall. We spent the afternoon in the park, enjoying the still-crisp hours to kick soccer balls around the grassy field, though it was still warm enough to indulge in some fro-yo prior to that. 🙂


Now that the more structured days of fall are upon us, I want to try and document my life as a stay-at-home mom  (SAHM) on a weekly basis. You see, the days seem to meld together and, without exciting vacations to capture on a frequent basis, I am afraid I’ll forget to post things I would like to remember months and years down the road. After all, I blog mainly for myself, to keep a record of my soon-to-be memories, and to share my life with family and friends, both in real life and virtual.

So, here’s my first official recap of the week:

Food successes. I made several casserole-type dishes to commemorate the cooler temperatures. The kids loved the Pioneer Woman mac and cheese as well as my manicotti. Note to self, make those dishes often!

Outfitted the fam. I shopped over Labor Day weekend to restock the family for cooler weather. There’s nothing like bringing home some new style to get me excited for the change of season. Loving a few new shirts from Loft, seriously the best young mama store (somehow Loft understands my wider-hip predicament unlike the Gap). Thinking of doing a whole post on SAHM style soon.

Rehabbed the front porch. Thanks to my mom’s enthusiasm, we weeded my jungle garden, planted some yellow and purple mums, replaced our ancient plastic adirondack chairs with new ones, and hung a cute autumn sign on the door. Ah, the front porch feels peaceful, and we’re enjoying the rejuvenated spot for lots of outdoor play!

Said bye to Mom and Dad. My parents, who have generously shared their time and treasure to us recently, left this week and won’t be back until 2014. While it was sad (even heartbreaking, if I want to be dramatic), to see them go, I am so grateful for all the time we shared together in 2013. Love you, Mom and Dad!

Said hello to football. My hubby is gone for hours on end, yet I still love watching some professional football. Last night’s game was fun to view, and I even got into my groove of crafting while watching, so it looks like the kids’ scrapbooks might be updated soon.

Other things. Evaluating whether I want to work from home and how often, reflecting on Nora’s first trip to the dentist — I think it took years off my life, craving pumpkin coffee, oogling fall Pinterest crafts, aiming to be on budget this month, looking forward to our new schedule and the excitement and challenges it brings.

Are you looking forward to the coming season? What’s been the most significant part of your week?


3 thoughts on “Mama Week in Review”

  1. I cried when my mom left and i’ll probably see her later this month! I absolutely balled when my sister left. And we LOVED your manicotti! Jealous of your front porch rehab and crafting groove – hope to be back there — someday!!!!

  2. What she (Marcia) said! And Lisa too. And you are too kind to not mention that the chair replacement was initiated by G-Pa busting right through one of them! Love you guys, and getting ready to settle in to watch “Inside” in just moments! M may be crafting, I won’t! And did that Mac and Cheese include Velveeta? I’m betting no…

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