Through the Lens


Anyone else feeling bad for relying mostly on the iPhone camera for capturing family memories?

All summer, as we traversed the country, I was too lazy to get out my nicer camera (a Panasonic Lumix) for the family snapshots. Well, now that fall is here, I am resolving to use more of my better camera and less of the not-that-good-so-I’ll-Instagram-it kind. While I am no professional photographer, the crisp pics taken with my Lumix are strikingly better than those from my iPhone 5. Too bad I can’t upload them from the camera . . . I think that’s what’s getting in my way, ultimately.

So now that I am resolving to take pictures with my better camera, it looks like “organize the kids’ bedrooms day” has some documentation! Too bad I didn’t capture those Montana or Vermont landscapes with the Lumix. Oh well, at least I do have some pics, even if the quality is less than stellar.


1 thought on “Through the Lens”

  1. Great post and admire your ambitions, but must remind you (as I do myself, all the time) – what’s worse than a less-than-stellar pic? – no pic! The handiness of our iPhones can’t be beat!!! (Well maybe by wearable tech, but that’s another story…)

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