My Happiness


I am two thirds of the way through Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project. Tonight I feel nothing but that emotion, thinking of the wonders of my life and the gratitude I have for the week that just past, which included spending quality time with my parents, preparing food for friends with a new child and for family birthdays, and dressing my daughter and son in cute new fall clothes. Sure, there are lots of day-to-day struggles — balancing the checkbook, getting a child to listen, tackling a to-do list, breaking countless glassware — but the overall joy in my life is immeasurable.

Fall is just around the corner and I am so excited to have magical summer memories in my rearview mirror and calm, structured, hectic, and exciting things ahead of us at home in the next few months. Preschool begins next week, as does our church year, the football season, and a toddler class for Carson. Nora and I have birthdays soon, and we have so many holidays to celebrate with friends and family.

Tonight I just am taking it all in, thinking of what I need to do to prepare for tomorrow’s playdate, what food to fix for our first football Sunday of the year, how Nora will like her new school, whether I’ll take on more freelance work in the coming months. But, despite my full and anxious head, I am so grateful to have these things to think about. Life is good.


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