Carson at Thirteen Months


I’m not going to be giving as extensive updates in Carson’s toddler year as I did in his infant year, but for the sake of recording his developments and sharing them with loved ones, here’s a list of his latest development and tricks:

  • Began walking in early August (officially recorded as July 27 but not really a solid walker until August 3, when he really took off)
  • Amazing communicator. Says many words, like ball, Dada, all done (and waves his hands to sign at the same time), more, a version of Nora (not that clear yet)
  • Laughs a lot. A happy boy with quite a sense of humor.
  • More teeth: An additional bottom tooth and two top one-year molars
  • Getting a little better at sleeping. I’ve been cracking down more and finally gave him a white-noise machine, which is really helping him transition into better nighttime sleeping as well as longer naps.

I’ll keep you updated on our boy, but, in my humble opinion, he is just fabulous!


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