Finished: Crafting + Getting Organized


Bloggers are writing about back-to-school organization like crazy this week. I have been thinking a lot about it too, making a multipage to-do list that I hope to complete by month’s end. There’s something about mid-August; rather than endless daylight and weeks of loose schedules that have dominated the summer, the packed September calendar beckons and it’s time to get serious.

I wrote about my scrapbooking a few weeks ago, and I’ve been keeping to my goals of finishing Carson’s baby book by month’s end and making a dent in the kids’ 0 to 5 books that I started. I am also beginning to think about fall projects (like knitting). But there’s one project I quickly started and finished the other day that combines my current crafting and organization craze.

We use bins to organize our shoes in our mudroom area of the house, and until Monday, the labels that designated the bins were comprised of names written on masking tape with a Sharpie marker. To make the labels more aesthetically pleasing and to help Nora (and Carson soon) know what shoes belong where, I used my Martha Stewart iPad app to create these labels for each member of the family:

IMG_0105I printed out the labels with my color laser printer and laminated them with contact paper. I used duct tape to secure them to the bins but need to come up with a better way to adhere them, since Carson likes to swipe them for his own enjoyment (or maybe I will just concede to reattaching them constantly, since nothing really stops a one-year-old!).

I’m really impressed with the finished look and hope to come up with more fun organizing projects as I continue my productive August.



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