Mommy Notes


We’re settling in for a long stretch at home, which I couldn’t be more excited about, especially since the weather has stayed on the cool side this summer. I love hot temperatures for pool days, but wearing my cropped jeans in mid August feels like a luxury. The mild temperatures also have me fantasizing about some new fall wardrobe items . . . so tempted by Swedish clogs!

I realize with the kids that I need to have more at-home days now that our busy travel season is behind us. Carson desperately needs a better sleep schedule, and if he naps on a more regular schedule, I hope that better night sleep will follow.

Also, I’m looking to broaden my grocery runs for a bit and buy some new items to add to the rotation. I’ve been trying new recipes, but easy everyday items have become a little boring too. As you can tell by the picture above, our eating while on vacation was on the less-than-healthy side.

My laundry list for August is long. Even though the kids aren’t in real school yet, we’re prepping Nora for her three-day-a-week preschool, which begins in early September. I have also volunteered for numerous things that relate to the school calendar, so I am having to visualize how to fit those tasks in my weekly schedule. Steve’s busy season begins in just a few weeks, so I am trying to get a lot of things done soon. My parents are also coming for a visit to coincide with Steve ramping up, so I’ll be utilizing that time as best as possible to prep for the fall.

The kids have been such troopers lately with all of our travel and seem to love the at-home things now that we’re home. Carson is a new walker, so he’s traversing our home like never before (even though most of his ideas are pretty bad — the newly walking one-year-old phase is dangerous and irritating). Nora has channeled her imagination like never before and adores homemade play dough and, of course, her babies. Library story time is a hit as is going to the park. Time to embrace the simple things (and scour Pinterest for all sorts of seasonal activities that will be appropriate soon!).


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