The End of the Travel Season


Steve and I were itching to be adventurous in 2013. Now having completed our travel docket for the year of 2013, I can say that we’re looking forward to some months at home. In the last six weeks we’ve been to Idaho, Montana, the Jersey Shore, and northern Vermont. That includes a roundtrip in the air (twelve-plus-hour travel days and connecting flights), two ten-hour drives between Idaho and Montana, a roundtrip to the Jersey Shore (just about an hour and a half), and then two eight-hour drives between Philly and northern Vermont. Though we’re tired, our kids (and ourselves) have really enjoyed this travel season. (And, lest we forget, we went to Long Island and Disney World this year.)

Yesterday we drove home from northern Vermont where we spent two nights catching up with friends who settled up there after college. Breathing in the fresh, crisp air and looking at the Green Mountains was a treat. Our drive was beautiful too; we scaled both the Catskills and Adirondacks getting there. We even stopped at Lake George for lunch yesterday to make the most of our long drive.


My friends live in rural Vermont, north of Burlington. Their plot of land is absolutely gorgeous, and they built their own house there a few years ago. The homestead they have built and now maintain is stunning, and I am in awe of their vision and the work they have put into making their little spot in Vermont home. Next time we travel up there, Steve and I would like to visit Montreal, as it is only one hour north of our friends’ home!

Now we’re going to putter around the house and enjoy many months of low-key weekends. You know we’re football fans, so expect some game-day cooking chronicles soon!

Hope you have had equally amazing travel years and, if not, here’s to 2014!


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