August Already?


Well, friends, we’ve reached August. July was a whirlwind with lots of travel and settling back into a routine while having both kids at home full-time, with no school or activities. We’re enjoying our unstructured summer, though I am starting to get a little excited for the preschool schedule to begin. I keep looking at my kitchen floor and dreaming of mopping it regularly again. But, when you are busy making summer memories, there isn’t time for regular cleaning. (I hope I am not alone?!)

Though certain cleaning chores have fallen behind in our summer pace, I have been trying to do more for myself. I am reading regularly, crafting a bit, cooking frequently, and doing a little side work. I feel pretty happy these days, and it’s nice that now that my hubs’ work schedule is picking up that I am in a good space.

I hope to be blogging more frequently come fall, so please excuse my less-often posts for the remainder of the summer. We really are filling our time with extraordinarily fun things and I hope you are too!


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