Memory Lane


I am dedicating August to catching up on my scrapbooking — using both digital and traditional methods. I started and finished our Disney World trip book tonight, and it made me so happy and sentimental to look through the pictures of Carson’s first vacation. The best part of traveling with kids are the adorable pics that you can look at for years to come!

Do you scrapbook? I love and hate the medium. A few years ago, I gave up on filling in photo albums, as they take up so much darn space. I’ve started making family yearbooks and am also making ones for really special vacations and notable milestones (like one of Carson’s first year). I am working on more traditional scrapbooks for the kids’ baby books as well as for their art projects, certificates of achievement, etc. Those just take so much time to execute and require more physical space than a laptop.

But while it’s a bit of a pain to engage in this family memory keeping, I am determined to keep it up. There’s nothing better than looking through a nicely assembled (and well edited) memory book.


5 thoughts on “Memory Lane”

  1. I’ve been catching up, too! My method, so far, is to do digital photo books for trips, and regular scrapbooks for everything else (I don’t embellish a whole lot, or crop in any fancy way, to the process has become pretty quick). I *want* to love digital scrapbooks, but haven’t been thrilled with the photo quality or the fact that my stories are in a typed font instead of my handwriting. My one-and-only scrapbook company just went out of business, though… suggestions?
    I love the photo you led your post with! Wonderful.

    1. Liss, of course you were also my inspiration for getting the Disney book finished! I just ordered it and am determined to finish at least one more this August. Yay for productivity!

      1. It’s a mutual inspiration society, then!

        p.s. Caleb loved his book and said it was “Really cool”, which is about as good as it gets from an 8-year-old.

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